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Wilton Mall Apartments

Wilton Mall Apartments



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Transforming Wilton Mall into a Mixed-use Community Focused Destination

The Wilton Mall ownership and Paramount Development have proposed adding new multifamily housing to the shopping center property as part of its transformation from strictly a retail facility to a more community centric mixed-use destination. The project includes 382 new luxury, market-rate rental residences, including both apartments and townhomes. The enhancement to the community will feature premium resident amenities and sophisticated design. The residential housing complements other recent mixed-use additions to the shopping center, including Healthy Living Market and Planet Fitness.

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Evolving the space to address community needs

Recent years have seen unprecedented changes in the retail industry, requiring shopping malls to evolve in response or risk going out of business. In July 2007, Wilton Mall backfilled the former retail space with a Grocery Store and Fitness Center; this marked the first steps towards the Mall's mixed use evolution. In 2018 Wilton Mall was hit with two anchor closings, Sears and Bon Ton. Within two years the Saratoga Hospital opened in the former Sears store. Now Wilton Mall has an opportunity to further expand upon its uses and plans to repurpose the former Bon Ton site with amenity-rich apartments and townhouses.

Community Benefits

2022 09 02 Paramount Wilton Mall - Apart


Replaces a vacant building with a new development that improves the appearance and vitality of the area.

Outdoor Restaurant Seats


Housing at the mall unlocks new amenity opportunities for the community by attracting microbreweries and other entertainment destinations that prefer to co-locate with housing developments.

Friends Walking Home


The site plan includes an attractive streetscape design with comfortable sidewalks, distinctive landscaping, and new pedestrian connections to the shopping center.

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What's Happening Next

The project team has begun the review and approvals process with the Town Board and Planning Board. While currently in the initial stages, this is a great opportunity for the community to show support, share ideas, and help shape the final project that maximizes benefits for the shopping center's continued vitality.

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